Monday, June 12, 2006


Guilty as charged!

Thompson steered the contract to Adelman "to cause political advantage for her supervisors" and to bolster her job security, according to the indictment.

The only question left unanswered today is whether or not Georgia Thompson will flip on Jim Doyle. Georgia's choices are 20 years in prison or offer her testimony in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Wonder if Doyle will give the money back now?

Edited to add:

By the way, the damage is done- it really does not matter if Doyle gives back the money now. No matter what he does now, he will continue to look bad.


This DJ said...

Except, Kay, no one cares except you neo-cons. The McSykes army as they have been referred to.

Good luck using it, and also, good luck with Mark Green running on abortion as murder, and his extreme right views.

Wisconsin isn't a Red state, heck, it's not a blue state. Wisconsin is a gray state, always in play. That's why middle of the road people have always been elected.

Herb Kohl- and good luck trying to beat him- has won on the noone's senator but yours and loking out for wisconsin and not pushing his liberal views.

Tommy Thompson was the epitomy of middle of the road, and your people want him to be president.

Finally, Jim Doyle, as AG, was immensely popular by not being polarized to the left.

I'd urge you to keep putting extreme conservatives up. You keep pounding your movement, but really, you're just a vocal minority of your party.

Good luck with that.

K. Carpenter said...

Bad day DJ?

It sure appears as if you are taking this guilty verdict awful personal.

Kate said...

McSykes? Yeah, I can live with that. MUCH better than being a MdDufus! :) Ok, that was childish of me, but it's Monday, and I allow myself one day a week to childish if I want to. :)

jeff said...

As Republicans, we shouldnt crow too loudly about the conviction. We have our own examples of corrupt politicians, both here in Wisconsin and a neighboring state and nationally.

K. Carpenter said...

Yep, you are right again, Jeff. Remember though- it was the liberals who started the "culture of corruption" stuff. When conservatives claimed that both sides were guilty, the liberals just screamed the "culture of corruption" theme even louder.

Now the Democrats are being bit by their own "culture of corruption" theme.

Stay tuned- right now a battle is brewing in the House between Democrats over the Jefferson stuff. Pelosi and friends are demanding that Jefferson step down from the Ways and Means Committee. The Congressional Black Caucus is stating that they will not allow it, because Jefferson has not been charged with a crime. Should be interesting to watch. Thursday is battle day.

jeff said...

Again, I think that it is too much playing their game and not focusing on what we have to offer.