Tuesday, June 20, 2006

National Guard ordered to New Orleans

Mayor Barrett and Governor Doyle- are you paying attention?

Gov. Kathleen Blanco ordered National Guardsmen to help police patrol the city for the first time since Hurricane Katrina, following a bloody weekend that brought fears of crime disrupting the city's delicate reconstruction.

When confronted with a looming security crisis- Nagin and Blanco decided to fight crime. They did not wait, they did not hesitate, they did not propose new government programs. They got some boots are the ground and decided to fight the crime immediately.

Much has been said and written about Blanco and Nagin's failure of leadership over the last year. Yet, when confronted with an impending security crisis, they reacted immediately.

What have Doyle and Barrett done when Milwaukee is confronted with a security crisis? Apparently nothing. We are still waiting to see some real action.

How pathetic are Doyle and Barrett, when the two people dubbed as America's worst governor and worst mayor, Blanco and Nagin- actually make them look bad?


jeff said...

As bad as the situation may seem in Milwaukee, it does not measure up anwhere close to the disaster that New Orleans was prior to the hurricanes, much less after. As much as I dont like Doyle and could care less about Barrett, it is unfair to criticize them and portray them the way you did.

K. Carpenter said...

It's called failure of leadership. When confronted with a growing crisis in Milwaukee- Barrett and Doyle failed to lead. And they still continue to fail to lead.

Why should we wait to criticize until after things have gotten as bad as New Orleans?

I think way too many Wisconsinites have no clue as to what is going on in Milwaukee. It's not just bad anymore- it is horribly treacherous.

I will always call out bad leadership. If Doyle and Barrett cannot lead- they must step aside.

Whether I like it or not- Jim Doyle is currently the governor of this state. I demand leadership from him. When he does not provide it, I will point it out every single time.

This DJ said...

Seriously Kay, may I call you Kay?

you would equate a guy getting stabbed in bayview to people with Automatic weapontry killing each other.

I'm sorry, this is a bit of a different situation. And if you can't see that these situations are DRASTICALLY Different, you should probably, I don't know, get your eyes checked.

jeff said...

Success administrations in Madison and Milwaukee are responsible for the problems of the city. However, it is not the result of the gross misconduct like we see in New Orleans.

K. Carpenter said...

Police in riot gear on Monday in Downtown Milwaukee.

Really- somebody explain this to me.

A wonderful celebration was destroyed

Some folks may not actually believe that police charging down Milwaukee streets in riot gear is okay- but I don't.

The increased violence is not about 1 single incident, but incident after incident after incident.

When do we declare war on the gangs in Wisconsin. I expect Barrett and Doyle to fight for the streets of Milwaukee instead of letting the gangs control the streets.

I don't want Milwaukee to become New Orleans. Milwaukee is heading in the same direction as New Orleans and the leadership in Milwaukee and this state will do nothing about it. Why is that?

K. Carpenter said...

Oops- here is the link to the story and the video about the Milwaukee riot on Monday-