Thursday, June 22, 2006

Line-item veto bill passes House

A thank you to Congressman Ryan and all those in Congress who voted to give the President the power remove a pork-barrel spending project from a bill and return it to Congress for a special vote.

The bill passed the House 247-172.

The bill is waiting for approval from the Senate.

This bill will succeed in exposing wasteful government spending. Hopefully Congress will think twice before adding these pork-barrel projects to certain bills, for fear that this spending will be exposed to the American people. Perhaps the fear of embarrassment may be enough to get Congress to control spending.

Now- let's get it passed thru the Senate!


Kate said...

What do you think the odds are that this will make it through the Senate? I'm skeptical, personally. There are those loonies who will fight everything that makes sense, tooth and nail.

BBG said...

We have two of the looniest in this state. No body's senator and cut and run stinkgold.

Once again we see Paul doing the right thing.

How can we get Kohl to see the light when we can't even get a good candidate to run against him?? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Maybe Kathy??? or Kate??? or Buckley???

FreedomWorks said...

Kohl and Feingold both supported a broader version of the LIV way back in 1995 when Bill Clinton was in office.

*As a side note, Bill Clinton used the LIV over 80 times in the two years he had it.