Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Guilty!

Boy this is getting kinda fun. So far, in the last 24 hours, we have-

Guilty- Georgia Thompson

Not Guilty- Karl Rove

Guilty- Congressman Patrick Kennedy!

Rep. Patrick Kennedy has reached a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs in connection for his middle-of-the-night car crash last month near the U.S. Capitol.

Alright folks- to keep the pattern going- I need another "not guilty". Anybody got anything?


Xoff said...

Scott Jensen? No.

Steve Foti? No.

Bonnie Ladwig? No.

Sherry Schultz? No.

Let's keep thinking.

realdebate said...

You have it all wrong have you missed the headlines?

Rove - According to Howard Dean still guilty.

Patrick Kennedy - He is not guilty, he has a problem.

Thompson - Guilty all by herself, she made this up to benefit Scott McCallum somehow.

Doyle - Innocent of never having been in the same building at the same time of anyone ever having known or washed the car of Georgia Thompson.

jeff said...

Actually both sides of the aisle have much to be ashamed of, both now and in the past. This will continue into the future also.

Can we leave the fun but relatively unimportant world of the latest scandals and focus on the more important issues of life such as the future of education in Wisconsin, taxation policy, immmigration reform, economic development and the stupidity of wanting to tell two consenting adults that arent allowed to marry each other simply because they are the same sex?!

K. Carpenter said...

Clearly, this is not important to you, Jeff, but it is important to me. Let me tell you why-

For three solid years, the left has been painting the right as being completely corrupt. We have answered charge after charge after charge after charge of corruption, even where no corruption exists. It took 6 years and many grand juries to finally get an single indictment against DeLay.

Congressman Ryan, Congressman Green, Scott Walker and many others are fighting these charges right now, even though none of them did anything wrong.

I intend to fight for Ryan, Green and Walker right now, because two of them are running for office right now.

The Democrats have chosen to run on the Republican "culture of corruption" theme.

The Democrats were warned clear at the beginning of this theme, that they could not win on the "culture of corruption" theme.

Now we can clearly see that the "culture of corruption" theme has come back to bite them, just as they were warned.

I intend to point out the Democrat's hypocrisy, corruption and lies every single chance that I get. Especially during an election year when the Dems are running on a "culture of corruption" theme.

I know you want to battle over same sex marriage, that fight will have to wait.

jeff said...

You are wrong. I dont want to battle over same sex marriage. But since it is important enough that there are those who want to change both the Wisconsin and US Constitutions over it, it should be discussed along with important issues.

You dont win elections by talking about the corruption of one party or the other. You win voters by talking about the positive things you offer. Otherwise, you arent playing your best game, you are playing a defensive response game which makes each side look like bickering children.

The Party had success in the last few years because it offered a positive vision for the state and the country. Now is not the time to change that philosophy.

Like Michael Douglas says in the film, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, "Serious times demand serious people"

It is time to talk up what makes us the better choice than the Democrats and to be a political party which honors its commitments to personal freedom and true equality. It is not a time to be a party joining in the mudslinging.