Thursday, June 08, 2006

Congratulations to our American troops!

We are so awfully proud of our American troops today. We are proud of you every day, but we are especially proud of you today. You did it, you got the most active terrorist in the world.

Today is a day to celebrate. al Zarqawi will never again kill an innocent human being because of our American troops.

I know much has been made about Haditha, and I am sure our troops will hear alot more. Real Americans know that the Americans serving in our military are our finest, most upstanding citizens.
I am so proud of our troops who ignored the media, ignored the lefties and the John Murtha's in this country. You continued to do your jobs, in spite of all of the challenges you faced.

Congratulations to our troops, President Bush, Rumsfeld, Iraqis, the new Iraqi government and the Jordanians who helped.

Freedom's light is shining brighter then ever!

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Jim Kiser said...

Thank you for this posting. Our troops are the best in the world and deserve all the respect we can give them. Thank God of these young men. If only the Dems had the same respect for our troops as the rest of us do. Very nice. You are a great Amercian as are our troops.