Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What happened to the promised Republican defeat?

The media and the Democrats have been playing up the CA-50 race for months. This was it. The race came down to three people-

Bilbray- Republican
Busby- Democrat
Griffith- Independent (supported by the Minutemen, the thinking was that Griffith would peel off enough conservative votes to cause Bilbray to lose and Busby to win)

MSNBC- Electoral Earthquake:
the outcome tonight in California’s 50th congressional district will be the most significant indicator we’ve yet had as to whether Republicans can keep control of the House of Representatives this November.

“If Busby today actually gets a majority of the votes cast, over 50 percent, then I think it is going to be a solid message, a precursor for November, that we have a sizable group of voters who almost always in the past voted Republican and are now looking to ‘throw the bums out,’” said Hoffenblum.

But he added, “If Busby wins with 45 percent plurality and Griffith ends up with eight or nine percent of the vote, that mutes that message. It will mean that the right wing just split the vote.”

In a district where Bush picked up about 55% of the vote in 2004, the Dems were looking for Busby to pick up about 50% of the vote in order to declare an outright Democratic victory.

Bad news, Democrats! Busby lost! The Democrats hopes for taking over the House in November just suffered a crushing blow in!

At last check of the count:

Bilbray- 50%
Busby- 46%
Griffith- 4%

So much for the huge Republican defeat in California.

I wonder how the media will spin this today?

It is time for the media to realize that even though Republicans are mad right now, doesn't mean that we are stupid. It doesn't mean we will throw all Republicans out of office.

If this race was truly about all Republicans in Congress, which is how the media framed it, then November will be a great month for Republicans. It is time for Republicans to present a united front.

PS.- California Republicans did great yesterday. They defeated another proposed sales tax increase also. California Republicans had a great day yesterday all around the state! Many local Republicans won. They did even better than they had hoped. Congratulations California Republicans- you did great!

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BBG said...

A WIN is a WIN is a WIN

In CA no less. Impressive