Friday, June 09, 2006

Thank you Murtha for making it even easier to defeat liberals this November

It appears that John Murtha has decided that he wants to be Majority Leader of the House, when Dems take over this November.

Rep. John Murtha, a 16-term Democrat known for his close ties to the military and his outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq, said Friday he will run for House majority leader if Democrats win control in November.
Murtha, 73, wrote in a letter to Democratic colleagues that he would seek the post "if we prevail, as I hope and know we will, and return to the majority this next Congress."
"I would appreciate your consideration and vote and look forward to speaking to you personally about my decision," he wrote.

Oh goody-after the death of al Zarqawi, the news gets even better for conservatives. Murtha has decided he wants to be the head chicken in the Congress.

Sorry Murtha, we like our leaders to be strong, not cut and run chickens.

Liberals are making it easier and easier for Republicans to retain the House and the Senate this year.

I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels about this? He, He!


Kate said...

If the Dems have to choose between Murtha and Pelosi, the few sane ones are going to have a serious problem. :)

BBG said...

FORMER Marine or no Murtha has placed himself in the same group as Kerry. Traitor