Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get with the program, Senator Spector

Senator Arlen Specter on the NY Times

"I'm very reluctant ... to superimpose my judgment on the news media," he told a group of editors and reporters at The Washington Times in a meeting yesterday. "Before I'd do that, I'd want to know how the United States was damaged by what they were doing. I'd require some showing of damage before I'd consider it."

What kind of evidence of damage is Specter waiting for? Another terrorist attack in the US? Would that be enough evidence of damage for Specter?

Of course, Arlen Specter has no problem judging the President on the NSA wiretapping, but Spector has issues with judging the NY Times over the leaking of classified information. Now Specter is busy writing a law that supports NSA wiretapping.

Perhaps Specter needs to put the safety of the American people first, and judge the President and the NY Times based on that priority first. Perhaps Specter should ask himself whether it is the President or the NY Times that has put the safety of Americans first?

Who's side is Arlen Specter on?

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