Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How is it possible to make a $3.3 million mistake?

I can't answer that question- all I know is that the fancy consulting firm that the Racine taxpayers are shelling out big bucks for, actually did make a $3.3 million mistake.

One day before Racine voters are set to vote on a referendum to cover this year's $6.45 million budget shortfall, it was discovered that there is an additional $3.3 million budget mistake.

The story is here.

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel encouraged voters to say "no" to the $6.45 million budget referendum. The full editorial is here.

It might be time for residents of the Racine Unified School District to send their school officials a message that they aren't happy with the progress the district has not been making in recent years and the constant requests the district has been making for more money from taxpayers. They can do this by voting "no" on Tuesday's one-year, $6.45 million spending referendum.

Also, noted in this editorial is that RUSD has a bad habit of begging the taxpayers of Racine for more money-

Since revenue caps were introduced in 1993, the district has asked voters 16 times to approve exceeding those caps. Nine times, voters said "yes," approving a total of an extra $59 million over the years. The last two requests were just a year ago, with voters saying "no" in April 2005 but then agreeing in June to a smaller spending request, after students and families reacted with demonstrations to the April rejection.

Good grief- 16 times the school district has begged for more money from the taxpayers????

My guess is that no matter how the vote goes today for milking the taxpayers out of another $6.45 million, the RUSD will start their plans for the next referendum to cover the $3.3 million mistake tomorrow. What a joke!

H/T Fred at RealDebateWisconsin.


Republican teacher said...

This is a subject near and dear to my heart, of course, fiscal responsibililty would be a great thing, BUT the bottom line is the consultants are not the ones in danger of losing their jobs - Educational assts. are, dept. heads are, the kids would have lost in this one.......also, it was not asking for MORE money, it was asking to continue taking what it already was. The KIDS themselves PUT out a huge, grassroots effort, and just like the Save our Sports, the voters agreed to help the kids when asked by them!

BBG said...

What a shocker. The Milwaukee Jouranl saying enough is enough and vote NO on this issue.

Sad part is the majority of the voters in Racine must have been educated in the RUSD cuz they are still stuck on stupid and approved the new money.

BBG said...

If only the first money went to the kids. They where once again used a game pieces to the benefit of the Hicks gang.

Just more money after bad. If only RUSD had more teachers that actually care about the kids getting an education like our little Republican Teacher.