Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Kenosha News takes on Illegal Immigration

Starting tommorrow, Sunday, June 18th, the Kenosha News is planning an in depth evalution of illegal immigration. This should be very interesting.

Here is the press release from Craig Swanson- Editor of the Kenosha News

The smoldering issue of illegal immigration is not one of those esoteric topics of interest only to Washington insiders and public policy wonks, nor is it a "big picture" national issue of no significance to everyday people.

On the contrary, U.S. immigration policies and practices directly affect us all - including those of us in southeastern Wisconsin - in ways both obvious and surprising.

Many consider illegal immigration one of the most important issues of our time, largely because of its pervasive nature and potential to touch so many facets of our daily lives. Illegal immigration is not only altering the nation's political landscape, it is:

* Influencing how much we pay for various goods and services.

* Redefining the U.S. job market and many business employment practices.

* Putting a strain on our public education system and the delivery of various social services.

* Raising questions about crime and national security.

* Forcing us to confront questions of ethnic diversity and the bigotry that inevitably follows.

* And, finally, fostering broad, philosophical discussions about national values and our role in the world.

"Crossing the Border," an eight-day series that begins Sunday in the Kenosha News, takes a detailed look at all of those issues with an emphasis on how they relate to life in Kenosha County. News reporters, photographers and editors have worked for months to develop a package that readers should find compelling and informative. But mostly, we hope you find it relevant to you … your family, your interests, your life.

The accompanying chart offers a brief summary of what we've prepared. Each day has a specific focus, and each also contains a profile of an illegal immigrant in Kenosha County.

Throughout this series, we try to explain what the various issues mean to Kenosha County residents. Whenever possible, we use photographs, maps and charts to help make the information more understanding and visually compelling.

We hope you will find time to read this special series in its entirety. We think you'll find it worth the effort.

Craig Swanson

Here at Stepping Right Up- I will attempt to post as much relevant information from this series, as I possible can. I cannot link to most of the articles. So, I am going to just use my best judgement and post the most relevant information. I will attempt to highlight both the positive and the negative information that I read.

Each night- feel free to comment on what you have read in that day's Kenosha News or what you have read on this blog.

Please remember, as we are discussing this very important issue that we are discussing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND NOT LEGAL IMMIGRATION!

I am asking that all those who comment on this series do so in a respectful manner. All comments are moderated by me, before they are posted. Feel free to disagree with my position or the Kenosha News' position, just be respectful and your comment will be posted. No vulgarity, name calling or hate speech will be tolerated on this blog.

Thank you in advance for cooperation-
Kathy Carpenter

Here are the links for discussion on Days 1 thru Day 4

Day 1- The history and the economics of illegal immigration.

Day 2- Company depends on immigrants

Day 3- It's easy to look `legal'

Day 4- Health care: Don’t ask or tell

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