Friday, June 02, 2006

Military clears U.S. troops of misconduct in deaths of Iraqi civilians at Ishaqi

Imagine that- some folks were lying about a supposed US massacre that took place in Ishaqi. Of course, if you read the entire story- the media and the Iraqis are telling a different version of the story.

Local Iraqis said there were 11 total dead, and contended that they were killed by U.S. troops before the house was leveled.

One defense official said the investigation into the circumstances of the Ishaqi attack found that four people in the building were killed by U.S. forces, including two women and a child. The main target of the attack, said by U.S. intelligence to be an al-Qaeda figure, ran from the building but was later captured, the official said.

This is what the military investigation found to be true-

The nighttime raid was conducted in the village of Ishaqi, about 50 miles north of Baghdad, by a ground assault force. After being fired upon from the vicinity of the targeted building, the soldiers called in airstrikes by an Air Force AC-130 gunship, which attacked the building, the defense officials said.

Does anyone know how long after this incident took place before the cameras showed up? Was it minutes? Was it hours? Was it days? The following little snippet does not tell us, it just makes an accusation against US troops.

Footage shot by an AP Television News cameraman at the location showed at least five children dead and at least one adult male and four of the children with deep head wounds that could have been caused by bullets or shrapnel. The inside of the walls left standing were pocked with bullet holes.

The media is doing everything in it's power to manipulate these story to make it look like American soldiers are guilty. I am getting awful tired of the US media, bending over backwards to believe the terrorists and ignore America's heroes.

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