Sunday, March 30, 2008

With an endorsement like this...

Who needs enemies?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Scott Walker, and boy are they ever nasty about it.

On numerous occasions, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has demanded tax increases and Scott Walker refuses to deliver.

But Walker exacerbates the county's woes by sticking to his pledge to freeze the county property tax. The sentiment is commendable, but his intransigence is anything but. He refuses to consider other options, including raising the sales tax by even a quarter-of-a-cent to come up with another revenue stream and relieve pressure on the overused property tax.

Even when the MJS gets the tax increases they are demanding, they are still mad at Walker, because Walker is not blamed the county board supervisors are:

In recent budgets, Walker has been playing a political shell game. He makes taxpayers think the county can get by with what it spent the previous year when it can't. To prevent more cuts in needed services, supervisors then are forced to raise the levy, last year by 3.6%. So Walker takes bows as a budget hawk and supervisors take unfair grief for raising taxes, much of the flak coming from Walker's cheerleading section in talk radio.

Well, duh- the County board supervisors are the ones raising the taxes- or isn't that obvious to the MJS editorial board?

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