Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Democrats- a party united?

I know that many Republicans (including myself) got really excited when Senator Clinton once again, injected herself back into the presidential race.

The hope was, of course, that the two Democrats could cause serious damage to one another’s campaign.

Political pundits on the Democrat’s side have been saying for months that Clinton and Obama plus their supporters would come together as one big happy family as soon as a nominee was decided. These political pundits completely ignored how testy this would become.

Now more and more it appears that a united Democratic party is falling by the wayside.

I have to admit, even though I had hoped that the Democrats would be inflicted with the same political strife that Republicans had faced over the last several years, even I did not see the kind of viciousness coming that is taking place at this moment.

The Internet is completely infected with hatred coming from both the Obama supporters and the Clinton supporters. Websites like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos is just steaming with hatred between Obama’s people and Hillary’s people.

Now the hatred has seeped out into the mainstream media’s website for the entire world to see. I was stunned when I visited the website of the Washington Post’s Trail. Normally websites like this are heavily moderated.

If you read through some of the comments, they would curl you hair with disgust.

It is almost like the Washington Post has just given up and allowed the supporters of both candidates to pretty much say whatever they would like to say. Either the moderators decided to allow a window to be opened to the rest of the world as to what is truly happening between Obama and Clinton supporters, or they are truly exhausted from controlling the chaos and have thrown in the towel.

Either way, this is not a pretty site.

Of course, I really should not be surprised.

All of this is coming from the party who has taken hatred and anger to a whole level. BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) has so thoroughly infected those of the left side, that they no longer can control their hate towards people.

This is the same party that is directed by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who have turned hate mongering to normal everyday politics.

Eventually that hate mongering becomes so infectious that the Democrats cannot help but turn on each other.

Hatred is a weird thing. It consumes people. Literally consumes people. We have all seen it in one form or another. Wars have been started from hatred. Once you have become so infected with hate, you cannot turn it off.

Politics has become a game of hate. It is no longer about ideas or people.

It is hard to understand how the Democrats and Howard Dean allowed this thing to get away from them. How is it possible that the party full of optimism at the beginning of this year would allow them to be consumed by hate?

As I as earlier, I am stunned by the racism and sexism I see taking place. I expect better behavior out of Americans, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

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