Saturday, March 01, 2008

Voter ID

Just received this email from a friend who is very upset by the reaction of the Democrats to fair and free elections in the state of Wisconsin:

It is with great disgust that I write this email. As the Chair of Committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs, Spencer Coggs, Democrat, will not bring a Constitutional amendment to require photo I.D. to a vote on the Senate floor. Yet, Coggs is not the only one to blame. Senate Majority Leader, Russell Decker, should be urging Coggs to bring forth this amendment. EVERY Senate Democrat should be urging Coggs to bring this forth to vote.

The requirement for photo I.D. has been put before Governor Dolye three times, and three times he vetoed it. In order for it to come to fruition it needs to be a Constitutional amendment. For that to happen, it must pass both houses of the legislature twice, in two different sessions. Then it must be put to vote before every citizen of Wisconsin in a state-wide referendum.

This amendment passed both the Senate and Assembly in round one. It passed the Assembly in round two. But now Sen. Coggs refuses to bring it to a vote. This is because he knows that this Constitutional amendment will pass. Senate Democrats believe that they know better than the people they represent, and that is why they are not bringing voter I.D. to the Senate floor for a vote.

According to a Washington Post Editorial dated January 23, 2008, over 66% of people believe there should be voter I.D. at the polls. Why are Democrats so against voter I.D.? Their beliefs are that it will cause voter disenfranchisement, and the poor are not able to afford identification. Yet, democrats have not produced a single piece of evidence of this claim.

A fraudulent vote devalues every vote cast legally. Voter I.D. would cause cases of voter fraud to diminish, and everyone's vote would be valuable. Could this be why Democrats don't want voter I.D.? After the "smokes for votes" scandal in 2000 it shows that voter fraud does happen, and voter I.D. would help in curbing this problem.

As a citizen of Wisconsin who values our Constitutional right to vote, I urge you to contact each of these listed Senate Democrats to tell Sen. Coggs to bring the Constitutional amendment to the floor for a vote.

You may either e-mail them or call them.

The Democratic Sentators of Wisconsin are:

Spencer Coggs, Milwaukee
(608) 266-2500

Russell Decker, Weston
(608) 266-2502

Roger Breske, Eland
(608) 266-2509

Jon Erpenbach, Middleton
(608) 266-6670

Dave Hansen, Green Bay
(608) 266-5670

Robert Jauch, Poplar
(608) 266-3510

Pat Kreitlow, Chippewa Falls
(608) 266-7511

Julie Lassa, Stevens Point
(608) 266-3123

John Lehman,
(608) 266-1832

Mark Miller, Monona
(608) 266-9170

Jeffrey Plale, South Milwaukee
(608) 266-7505

Fred Risser, Madison
(608) 266-1627

Judy Robson, Beloit
(608) 266-2253

Jim Sullivan, Wauwatosa
(608) 266-2512

Lena Taylor, Milwaukee
(608) 266-5810

Kathleen Vinehout, Alma
(608) 266-8546

Robert Wirch, Kenosha
(608) 267-8979

Thank you for assisting me in getting our Senators to act on our behalf, not their special interest groups. With this amendment in place, every vote cast would be legitimate. This amendment would remove the dark shadow over Wisconsin elections known as voter fraud.

Call them all, write them all. This is important.

IMO, the Democrats do not have the courage to put this on the ballot in November. Perhaps some encouragement from you will push them in the right direction.

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