Thursday, March 27, 2008

The sky is falling

Okay- maybe the sky is not falling, but I am pleasantly surprised.

I have been endorsed by the Kenosha News against a 14 year incumbent.

In all of the other city council races where there is a incumbent running, the Kenosha News has endorsed the incumbent except for the race I am running in:

District 5: Kathy Carpenter. This district, which includes the area around
Bradford High School, has had the same alderman since 1994, when Kurt Sinclair
was first elected. Since then he has not had an opponent until this year when he
faced two challengers in the primary in February. Kathy Carpenter and Sinclair
survived the primary to compete in Tuesday's election. Perhaps the reason for
the opposition after all these years is the challengers' sense that Sinclair,
now the principal of Round Lake Area High School in Illinois, is less engaged
with the district than in the past. While we have advocated keeping experience
on the City Council in most districts, in this case we see an opportunity for a
positive change. Carpenter has enthusiasm for politics and good ideas for the
district. We recommend a vote for Carpenter.

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