Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kenosha city council takes a coward’s stance

Like most of Kenosha, I woke up this morning to quickly hit the paper and find out how our city council (alderman) voted on the extremely important issue of sexual predators in our city.

On last night’s docket was the issue that has been debated in Kenosha for a very long time. Restrictions on where sexual predators can live were front and center at the city council meeting last night.

Finally, the moment of truth had come.

Kenosha alderman would be given the opportunity to do their jobs and represent the people that elected them into office. Their jobs were to reflect how the community felt about where sexual offenders are allowed to live in our communities.

In a complete act of cowardice, our city council voted to table the ordinance. There would be no vote on the city ordinance limiting where sexual predators can live.

They chickened out. The city council shirked their responsibility to Kenosha residents. Instead of dealing with this very difficult issue, they tabled it.

Yes, the issue is difficult. We all know that. This issue is also very important to Kenosha residents.

Let me be clear, not all of them were our city’s alderman are cowards. The vote to table the motion was 11 to 6 in favor.

The 6 city council members that had the courage to do their jobs and voted NOT to table the ordinance were:

Alderwoman Julia Robinson- District 7
Alderman Ray Misner- District 13
Alderman Mike Pitts- District 14
Alderman Frank Pacetti- District 15
Alderman Jesse Downing- District 16
Alderman Ken Polzin- District 17

I applaud the Kenosha News for naming in today’s newspaper the Alderman that voted NOT to table this issue.

However, I believe that as important as it was to applaud the alderman that are willing to take a stand and be counted on this issue, it is equally as important to call out the alderman that shirked their responsibility to the people that have continually elected them.

Here is a list of Kenosha aldermen that shirked their responsibility and chose to hide from the issue instead of taking a stand either for or against this city ordinance:

Alderman Eric Haugaard- District 1
Alderman Don Moldenhauer- District 2
Alderman Donald Holland- District 3 (City council President)
Alderman G. John Ruffolo- District 4
Alderman Kurt Sinclair- District 5
Alderman Sam Spair- District 6
Alderwoman Katherine Marks- District 8
Alderman Donald Ruef- District 9
Alderman Everett Butler- District 10
Alderman Ronald Frederick- District 11
Alderman Stephen Casey- District 12

This issue has been debated in Kenosha for months and months. There was no excuse for not voting one way or another on this issue.

Yes, we have heard the typical excuses, such as:

The county government should be… blah, blah, blah.

The state government should be… blah, blah, blah.

The town of Somers is… blah, blah, blah.

Enough with the excuses for not dealing with this issue! The city council in Kenosha has had plenty of time to debate. There is plenty of information out in the public domain on recidivism rates of sexual offenders. The Kenosha community as a whole has spoken very clearly on this issue. The community does not want convicted sexual predators near their schools, parks and playgrounds.

I expect our aldermen to lead on this issue, not follow! Waiting for someone else like the state, county or Somers to make a decision on this issue and then follow along behind them is a cowardice stance.

We elected leaders, not followers!

On Monday night a previously convicted sexual predator stood and made his voice heard to city aldermen, which he has a right to do.
We elect our aldermen to be our voices as a community. Where were those voices?

Where was our representation when we need them the most?

Probably the worst part about this entire thing, the alderman don't really want to talk about it either.

From the Kenosha News-

The tabling of this ordinance happened with little discussion from

Not only do they not want to vote on this important issue, but now they do not feel they should have to talk about it either.

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