Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh what a tangled web

Obama could not have been more relieved on Friday when he was told that his passport files had been breached by unauthorized personnel. It got him off of the Wright hotseat for a few minutes.

We immediately began hearing from folks like Keith Olberman that the head of the passport division was a Clinton employee. So the Clinton folks were getting blamed.

Obama immediately hollered for a full investigation, even a congressional investigation.

Then we heard from the Clinton campaign that her passport had also been breached and they were defending themselves.

A couple of hours later, we heard from the state department that not only Obama, but Clinton and McCain's passports had also been illegal viewed.

Shortly thereafter, the media discovered that of the two companies that had contractors involved, one of the company's CEO(Stanley Inc.) had donated to the Clinton campaign for $1000.

Clinton back on the hotseat again!

The theory was that the Clinton camp had only had her filed breached to throw investigators off the trail.

The latest-

The CEO from the other contracting firm involved(TAC), gave $2300 to Obama!

Oh this is getting exciting now!!!!

In the meantime, McCain has his head down and is plodding along with his focus on carrying a real message to the people.

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