Sunday, March 02, 2008

Obama's thin record

To say Obama's record is thin when it comes to real legislation is putting it mildly.

Obama can continue to tout his bipartisan approach to government, but seriously, you have to go to his website to find out about any of this stuff, because none of it has been out front where anyone knows about it.

McCain's bipartisan record is out front where everyone can see, starting with the gang of 14 or McCain/Feingold. It is so out front, in fact, many conservatives are angry when he reaches across the aisle.

If you don't believe me about Obama's complete lack of experience, read liberal leaning journalist David Ignatius's article on Obama's record-

But can he do it? The record is mixed, but it's fair to say that Obama has not shown much willingness to take risks or make enemies to try to restore a working center in Washington. Clinton, for all her reputation as a divisive figure, has a much stronger record of bipartisan achievement. And the likely Republican nominee, John McCain, has a better record still.

Obama's argument is that he can mobilize a new coalition that will embrace his proclamation that "yes, we can" break out of the straitjacket. But for voters to feel confident that he can achieve this transformation should he become president, they would need evidence that he has fought and won similar battles in the past. The record here, to put it mildly, is thin.


If you are looking for evidence that Obama can bring about positive change with a bipartisan effort, there just is no evidence. NONE!

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