Thursday, March 13, 2008

Denying Florida and Michigan- Unconstitutional?

Once again, there is a split in the Democrat party about whether on not Michigan and Florida should be allowed to vote or re-vote. It is beginning to look like Florida can re-vote, but Michigan cannot.

The question has now turned to whether or not the Democrat party rules trumps the US Constitution.

Apparently the Democrats believe they have the right to tell Michigan and Florida that their votes do not count.

Last year, the Democrat party decided that if Florida and Michigan moved their primaries before the February 5th date that the Democrats had set, they would not count their votes as valid.

What right does the DNC have to deny these people their vote and to pick their leader in a primary vote?

They did not like the dates Michigan and Florida chose, so the DNC took away their voting rights.

Amazingly, very few question it. Very few people jumped up and made a fuss.

And when those people did fuss, the courts ruled in favor of the Democratic Party.

Amazing how the courts did not have enough respect for voters that they would tolerate this happening.

What is truly amazing to me is that the Democrat Party and Obama are going along with the line of thinking.(Clinton is fighting to get the votes to count, but she is not working real hard at it. It is like she is willing to let Obama take a dive for it)

It was not so long ago that woman and African Americans were denied the right to vote. It was abhorrent behavior then and just as abhorrent behavior now to deny anyone the right to cast a legal ballot and have that vote count.

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