Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the politics continues...

This was my yard sign yesterday about 10:00am

Yes, the politics continues. I am down to crunch time and snow, rain, sleet, subzero temperatures and more snow has not stopped me yet.

Although- it has really slowed the process down.

I need your help.

I need lit droppers. Most of my area is filled with walking routes, so sending people out for longer than an hour is difficult to do.

So, the more people I get the faster I can get this done.

We are meeting today at 9:00 am at the Fireside Restaurant. If you cannot make it at 9:00am, I will be at the Fireside again at 1:00pm

Meeting place:

Fireside Restuarant
2801 30th Ave.

Call me for any reason 262-960-1852

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