Wednesday, March 26, 2008

They are both fibbing

It is rather entertaining watching the political pundits and the news media's reaction to the Clinton lie about Bosnia.

Hello, where have they been for the last 15 years? There have been a lot of lies from the Clinton's or don't they remember what the definition of "is" is.

Of course, these same media pundits are having difficulty remembering that Obama was fibbing, just like Clinton is right now, a little over a week ago.

Did the media forget the statement "I never heard these statements from Rev. Wright..."? Then in Tuesday's wonderful speech, he did admit hearing "controversial" stuff.

The media may not have noticed this lie, but the people have-

A day after the speech, local residents were left wondering whether Obama was candid in the last week when he said he hadn’t heard any of Wright’s most objectionable remarks, but then said Tuesday that he had heard “controversial” remarks while sitting in the pews.

“He lied to Anderson Cooper,” said Rodica Mitrea, an aesthetician and immigrant from Romania, referring to an Obama interview Friday with the CNN anchor.

The media may continue to treat Obama like the new messiah, but regular folks know the truth.

Sure many of the liberals are trying to redefine the word "is" again to prove that Obama was not lying, but people are smarter than that.

Both Clinton and Obama will say whatever is necessary to get themselves elected. Lying is no big deal to these politicians.

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