Monday, March 10, 2008

Every vote counts?

Senator Bill Nelson is still attempting to fight for Florida voters, which I admire.

Yes, the Republican side of things in Florida cost them delegates too. They had half of their delegates removed.

But the problem isn't on the Republican side of the aisle.

The difference is, the Republicans are seating their delegates- the Democrats are still refusing to recognize the Florida voters.

For the record, Barack Obama was the first Democrat to break the pledge not to campaign in Florida.

Obama also appeared to violate a pledge he and the other leading candidates took by holding a brief news conference outside the fundraiser. That was less than a day after the pledge took effect Saturday, and Obama is the first Democratic presidential candidate to visit Florida since then.
While he was in Florida, Obama made a commitment to the Florida voters:

According to Sanchez and Tom Scarritt, Obama was asked during the event about making sure Floridians have a role in the nomination, despite the DNC sanctions and the pledge. Scarritt said Obama responded that he'll "do what's right by Florida voters."

Now Obama does not want to recognize the Florida vote as a legitimate vote- he lost big in Florida.

Barack Obama was also the first to buy television ads in Florida.

It will be interesting to see if Barack Obama can legitimately call himself the nominee when he is refusing to count every vote- including the folks that voted against him.

Apparently every vote counts only if you are voting for Democrats.

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