Monday, March 24, 2008

Kathy Carpenter for Alderwoman- "I'm listening"

cross posted at Kathy Carpenter for Kenosha Alderwoman

I have listened to the complaints for the last several months. The people of Kenosha's 5th district believe their needs are not being met.

You call with a problem and no one ever returns you phone call.

Years ago you used to get a newsletter about what was taking place in Kenosha city government, the newsletters have dried up.

Like many of Kenosha's 5th district, I have had the same problem. Years ago, I called and left a message- I received no response.

Kenosha's 5th district needs an advocate. Someone who will listen to your concerns and take those concerns directly to the other city council members.

You deserve someone who will address your concern about losing the fire station. This action directly affects the people in our district.

You deserve an advocate and a voice on the city council. I will be that advocate.

Call me anytime 262-657-5098 or email me

I will respond.

My first act as your alderman would be to call a meeting together at Gateway, centered right in the middle of the 5th district, and listen to concerns of the residents and the business owners of the district.

My second act is to put together a plan to address the issues that have been ignored in our district for too long.

My third act is to take the plan and bring it to my fellow city council members and give the 5th district a voice in the Kenosha city government.

Let's build a better Kenosha together.

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