Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama already giving up in Pennsylvania?

That is what it looks like. Good grief, it is a little early to throw in the towel, right?

Obama is hedging his bets, so his campaign can be expected to talk about Pennsylvania as only one of several contests to watch. His aides reject the comparison to Iowa, viewing the six-week gap more as the break before the second semester in a long political school year.

The cold, hard truth for Pennsylvanians is that they won’t be the center of his universe. To the Illinois senator, delegates will decide the nomination, and the state can make only a minor dent in either candidate’s bottom line.

The Obama campaign is correct, only a small dent will be made in delegates, but momentum is everything. The campaigns are pretty much going dark for a couple of months, PA is the first state back and up for battle in the next two months.

The delegate haul is the biggest in the coming months- how do you throw in the towel now?

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