Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who is to blame?

The "Who is to blame" Katrina debate has re-opened.

Today, the charges were dropped against a Katrina doctor.

Murder charges dropped against Katrina doctor

Of course some folks start blaming "this administration" for Katrina again. Yes, "this administration" should carry some of the blame, but there are many others to include.

This was my response on the blog-

If the mayor of the city, Ray Nagin, or the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services, had done their jobs for the five days proceeding this crisis, this would not have happened. There was an evacuation plan, buses available to evacuate and the plan was not followed. They had 5 days to implement this plan. They failed.

If so many police officers had not skeedadled in the middle of this crisis, this would not have happened.

If the local government had not have swiped millions upon millions of dollars from the New Orleans levy systems, this would not have happened.

The governor, herself, ordered the National Guard to hold back and not send any additional help into the city.

The federal government should have taken over on day 1. Instead they held back, waiting for local and state officials to tell them what they needed.

I even blame the media personnel for their part in this. The media seemed to be having no problems getting in and out of the area. They had a dry place to sleep and place to get their hair done. They should have set aside their cameras and computers and started packing their trucks full of medical supplies and water. For Pete's sake, they should have set down their cameras and helped their fellow Americans. They were too busy reporting rumors, innuendo and fake stories. They were so desperate to be first with any story, that they added to the confusion.

There are a lot of people to blame.However, once the flooding began- there was no stopping this from happening. Ever try to stop a flood of this nature? There is no way humanly possible to hold back that water once it started.

Shoot it is even hard to get the flooding stopped once your toilet overflows. Imagine trying to hold this thing back?I agree with dropping the charges against this doctor.

If any one of us were standing in the same position she was, would we have done things differently? Maybe, Maybe not.

To try and pin this solely on a few medical personnel and the President is ridiculous.

My biggest fear is that we are so quick to blame a handful of people, that we fail to learn from this.

Every single one of these people have died in vain, if every person involved with this fails to learn something from this.

Blaming a handful of people and the President means that we absolve everyone else for this catostrophic failure.

Local government learns nothing. State government learns nothing. The media learns nothing. We, as a nation, learn nothing.

It is imperative that we, as a nation, learn something from this. I am afraid we have not.

Instead, it became all about politics. Well, that is just not good enough for the people that died.

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