Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Evidence please

Could the Democrats that claimed that 1700 teachers would lose their jobs because of the Assembly Republicans budget please step forward with their evidence-

If it becomes law, the GOP budget by mid-2009 would force the layoff of more than 1,700 teachers statewide, including 199 in Milwaukee Public Schools, Democrats said.


Anonymous said...

They do have such a document, but they got it from Secretary Morgan - the hack who came over from the Department of Revenue to ruin the Department of Administration.

Whenever they could not get the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to produce fictional documents for them they usually turned to Morgan for "authoritative" Department of Revenue estimates.

This new document came from DOA and includes the caveat - "Very Rough Estimate"

K. Carpenter said...

Funny how they don't roughly estimate 1700 new teachers being employed, huh?

jeff said...

I wonder if they got it from the same people who say that a smaller increase is a 'cut'.