Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can I get a AMEN!!!

I know this piggy is kinda cute, but adding pork to the state budget is not!

The Wisconsin State Journal gets it!

Senate Democrats brought out their list of wants in a budget amendment that distributes about $3 million in political favors, known as pork, to several communities.

Included was $2 million for a Hmong cultural center in Dane County, up to $500,000 for an exhibit at a city-run Civil War museum in Kenosha, $250,000 to the Painters and Allied Trades union training program, up to $50,000 to move and restore an old bridge in Forest County, and $50,000 each to Eau Claire, Green Bay and Ashwaubenon to fix ice arenas.

All wants. No needs.


H/T Boots and Sabers

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