Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Vinehout truth

Almost two weeks after their original story on Senator Vinehout and her health insurance crisis, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel finally addressed the $9000 she donated to her campaign, even as she stated she could not afford the health insurance.

No matter how many excuses Senator Vinehout makes, she and her husband made a choice on whether or not they would carry health insurance. It was her choice, not anyone else's choice.

Now, I have no right to tell the Senator how she should spend her money. Frankly, it is none of my business. However, this is one of main reasons I am dead set against government-controlled health care. The government is deciding that I have to have health-care insurance and they are mandating that the money be taken out of my paycheck. No choice.

There are some people, like the Senator, who made the choice of not paying for health care insurance. Even I made that choice for myself.

Over 15 years ago, I was without health care coverage. My employer did give me the option of insurance, but I turned it down. I felt it was more important to be able to pay my rent, than to carry health insurance.

Like the Senator, I chose to gamble and I lost. Total cost of my medical bills was over $3000. It took me over a year and a half to pay for the medical bills.

Unlike the Senator, I do not believe that because I gambled and lost, gives me any right to take away this choice from anyone else.

How many folks are out there today who are currently making the same choice that I made 15 years ago? Rent or health insurance?

To some, this may not be a fair choice. For years, Americans have made that type of choice. It is very American. Just like the Senator, who chose to chase the American dream of owning her own business, Americans have made these types of sacrifices for years.

If this forced government controlled is passed, how many Wisconsinites will lose the same choice that the Senator had? Follow your dream, quite your job and open your own business. Yes, you will have to make sacrifices like the Senator did and perhaps opt to go without health insurance until you are on your feet.

Now- the Senator wants to take that choice from you. Mandatory health care! An additional 10% of what you make under the self-employment rules would go to the government for health insurance that you may or may not need. No choice!

How many Wisconsinites will forgo their dreams of being their own boss because they no longer can afford the mandatory programs forced on them?

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg. What happens to the person that is working full time, like I was, but still trying to pay the rent? Now they lose at least 4% of their paychecks.

How about the highly touted minimum wage increases that the Democrats are so proud of? Now they are trying to take 4% away immediately. Government hands them an increase and then takes it away immediately. What was the point?

How about the person that made tons of sacrifices just to own a home? Will they have to drop homeowner’s insurance?

Possibly, at least until government mandates homeowner’s insurance. That could be fun. Government could just add it right to your property taxes.

I do not fault the choice that Senator Vinehout and her husband made. It was her choice.

I do fault the Senator for believing that she has the right to make that choice for me and everyone else in Wisconsin.

I did not go looking for a government bailout when I ran into a bit of bad luck. Like most Americans that came before me, I just worked a little harder. That is the American way. Waiting for a government bailout is not!

The Vinehout truth is that she had a choice and I should be able to make my own choice too.

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