Monday, July 09, 2007

Who da thunk it, huh?

Amazingly if you raise taxes, taxes go up.

County-wide increases in the gross property tax levy in southeastern Wisconsin ranged from 1.4% in Ozaukee County to 8.1% in Racine County.
The statewide gross tax levy this year increased 4.6% over 2006. Both regionally and across the state, it was rising school levies that propelled the overall increase in property tax collections.
While county and municipal levies are limited under a state formula that takes into account new growth in a community, school taxes are governed by different rules that often allow for larger increases. School districts have also been passing larger referendums for building projects.
In southeastern Wisconsin, that meant a gross increase of 7.1% in school property tax collections while counties and municipalities held their increases to about 2%. Statewide, the gap was less wide: school districts went up 5.5% while local governments and counties rose about 3%.

Amazingly- Kenosha County's taxes went up by a whopping 6.5%, and I don't remember any kind of referendum.
But, hey, the Democrats in power in Kenosha(Senator Wirch) keep insisting that our taxes are not going up.

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