Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A smidge tacky

I know that every politician has to raise money in order to continue their campaigns. I get that. However- every once in a while, something strikes me as tacky.

This week-I am giving my own "tackiness of the week" award to Tommy Thompson.

I received a email that stated this-

Here's my problem: I have to pay for this straw poll and I don't have enough money in the campaign to pay the bills sitting on my desk.

Here's a sample of what I have:
$48,000 for buses to carry voters to Ames, Iowa.

$34,000 for invitation and phone calls to turn out voters at our 110 stops.

$70,000 for 2000 tickets to the straw poll.

$10,000 for bus rental and fuel for our 110 city tour of Iowa

$27,000 for payroll

Good grief- whatever happened to the saying "never let them see you sweat".

However, what really got me going was this little ditty with an accompanying photo:

At a recent stop in Davenport, Iowa, 175 people turned out to show their support for the governor. They had a simple message. It's my message.

Really folks- this is Thompson's campaign message? Please send money?
No thanks- I already send plenty of money to politicians in Washington and Madison.

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