Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nice sob story

There appears to be a few necessary facts left out of the sob story the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Democrats were peddling last week-

But in 2005, Alma dairy farmer Kathleen Vinehout and her husband, Doug Kane, faced a tough decision: Should they pay $900 to $1,000 a month for their own family health insurance or to cover their farm expenses?

They went without the insurance. "It was very scary," Vinehout said.
It got scarier. Their 10-year-old son required an emergency appendectomy last fall, forcing the couple to take on debt to pay for the surgery.

However, even though Vinehout could not afford health insurance, last fall she and her husband managed to lend her campaign $9000. That is alot of money for someone who could not afford insurance.

Senator Vinehout made a choice on whether or not she would carry health insurance. She choice not too and got stuck. It happens However- she and her husband had a choice. Currently Senator Vinehout is on the bandwagon that would remove that choice from Wisconsinites. We won't have the same choices she had, Senator Vinehout will take our money and decide how it should be spent.

Many will not have the same choice that the Senator had on whether or not we want to fore go health insurance for a little while and chase our dreams like she did.

Rick Esenberg at Shark and Shepherd has the details.

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