Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank you, Assembly Republicans

You stopped the massive tax increases. At least you have stopped them for now.

Over the last several months, Republicans have been taking a beating for moving away from their fiscal roots.

Poll after poll has shown that most Americans want government to control their horrifying spending habits. Too many state Republicans had moved away from their fiscal conservative values and continued to over-spend taxpayer dollars.

Among other reasons, this is why Republicans took a beating during last year’s elections.

Well, folks- Assembly Republicans took to heart the message that voters were sending them and did something about the out of control spending. They cut spending in Wisconsin.

They also cut the Senate Democrats and Governor Doyle’s record-breaking tax increases.

The newly released budget by the Assembly Republicans shows signs of returning to our conservative roots.

It is not perfect, but it is a huge step in the right direction.

I could not help but giggle at the reaction from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Yesterday- MJS was making the standard claim that education funding would suffer a huge cut under the Republican’s budget plan. As it turns out, the massive cuts were not there.

In am a little curious as to why the governor’s office is claiming that the Republican’s budget would make schools “poorer”-

Administration Secretary Michael Morgan, Doyle's top aide, said, "This is a plan for poorer schools for our kids and fewer police and firefighters for our neighborhoods."

In fact, spending for schools K-12 actually went up from what the Governor’s budget had proposed.

The Governor had promised two-thirds funding for schools, but he did not deliver on that promise.

It appears that the Republicans fulfilled the commitment to two-thirds funding for our schools since the governor could not handle this without raising taxes even higher.

What in the world, will WEAC complain about now? I am certain they will find something.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has changed its tune today. Now they are complaining about decreasing funding to municipalities. They are still complaining about school funding, just not as bad as they were yesterday.

The Assembly Republicans also did something about the attack that the Democrats and Governor Doyle have launched on Wisconsin’s senior citizens.

It was stunning that the Governor and the Senate Democrats decided that they should raise the fees on Wisconsin’s seniors.

There was not a single tax or fee increase I resented more than the increase to the bed tax that the Senate Democrats and Governor Doyle insisted on passing onto some of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable citizens.

How could they ever consider doing this to Wisconsin seniors?

Well, anyway- the Assembly Republican cut this democrat fee increase from the budget.

Assembly Republicans also reduced the taxes on senior citizens-

The budget also would provide several tax cuts, creating deductions and credits for health savings accounts, retirement income and workplace wellness programs.

Now the real fight begins.

Assembly Republicans are on the right track. We need them to stand up and continue to fight.

As I said, the budget is not perfect, but it a massive step in the right direction.

Thank you, Assembly Republicans for standing up for Wisconsin schools, Wisconsin seniors and all of Wisconsin’s taxpayers.

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