Friday, July 06, 2007


I was horrifyingly offended by the headline in yesterday's Boston Globe-

Giuliani watchers wonder if he will overplay 9/11 card

Instead of concerning themselves with the death of nearly three thousand Americans and the future safety of Americans, the Boston Globe chose to concern themselves with politics.

Of course, Hugh Hewitt is all over the Boston Globe.

BTW- where is the liberals fairness doctrine now? I wonder if the Boston Globe will bother with an article stating the other side of the argument?

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jeff said...

My reading of the article must be way different than yours. It asks the question of whether Rudy's pitch as NYC Mayor during 9/11 as the basis for people supporting him is a tactic which will work or will be overplayed. It is the same as questioning whether John Edwards' strategy about talking about the 2 Americas is hypocritical given his expensive grooming habits or Hillary talking about her 'Presidential' experience is appropriate or will work (both of which have been discussed on Fox and other networks).

If Rudy wants to make 9/11 part of his campaign, it is fair game for newspapers even liberal ones to comment on.