Monday, July 16, 2007

Now it is a time for some answers

After passing a $15.2 billion health care plan without vetting it first, Senator Wirch and a couple of his friends have now decided it needed some discussion.

It is imperative that conservatives also have a say in our health care as we move forward.

Please join me in a Q & A on the health care plan with Senator Wirch, Senator Lehman and Senator Erpenbach.

When: 4pm to 6pm Thursday July 19th

Where: Gateway Technical College(3530 30th Avenue-Kenosha 53144) - Madrigrano Hall

Bring your questions, folks. It is time to get some answers.

Edited to add:

I have already heard the answer that these politicials are peddling- "It's going to save me money". That answer will not work tomorrow.

See sign on septic tank in the post below....

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