Monday, July 09, 2007

RPW Chairman Reince Priebus on Assembly Republicans budget

This is from this week's "Grassroots Gazette"

The Republican-controlled state Assembly is expected to take up their version of the budget tomorrow, Tuesday, July 10. Assembly Republicans will hold true to their promise of showing Democrats what a no tax increase budget looks like.

After the Assembly passes their budget free of excessive spending and tax hikes, the differences between the Senate and Assembly budgets will be settled by a conference committee made up of Party leaders from both houses later this summer.

Fellow Republicans, we must convince Governor Doyle and legislative Democrats that we must hold the line on spending and tax hikes for the sake of Wisconsin taxpayers. Write to your state senators and assemblymen, write letters to the editor, and call into local radio urging opposition to any budget filled with government regulation and tax hikes.

Find your senator's email address here
Find your assembly representative's email address here

Stay tuned to throughout the next few weeks for budget updates.

Highlighting the Assembly GOP Budget

As the Assembly Republicans prepare to pass their version of the 2007-09 state budget clear differences have been drawn between Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats. After passing a budget with the largest tax increase in history, it is obvious the Democrats' priorities are more government bureaucracy and higher taxes. On the other hand, the Assembly Republicans are working hard to show the Democrats what a no tax increase budget looks like by cutting wasteful spending and excessive taxes while proposing incentives to help relieve Wisconsin's tax burden. Below are some highlights of the Assembly GOP budget:

The Republican budget cuts the following excessive tax increases proposed by Doyle and the Democrats:
Hospital tax;
Gas tax;
Cigarette tax;
Payroll tax to fund $15 billion government-run health care plan;
Property tax hike;
Doubling the home tax;
Bed tax on nursing home beds;
I-pod tax;
Tax on filing taxes.

The Republican budget cuts taxes from current levels giving Wisconsin taxpayers much-needed tax relief:
Establishes a real property tax freeze with an increase of 0.1 percent the second year;
Exempts retirement income from taxes;
Cuts the real estate transfer fee by 66 percent;
Makes Health Savings Accounts tax deductible;
Cuts taxes on health care premiums.

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