Thursday, July 12, 2007

The buzz is back for Republicans in Wisconsin and we have the Democrats to thank

The last several days have been quite exciting for conservatives in the state of Wisconsin.

I have received some very excited emails from several folks who were simply giddy to see the Wisconsin Republican movement heading forward again.

Let us just say- Wisconsin Republicans are inspired.

We have the Governor Doyle and the Democrats to thank for this new inspiration in the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Remember, it was only a few short months ago that Republicans and conservatives in Wisconsin felt frustrated and defeated.

There was anger building inside the caucus. Even a little finger pointing was taking place. In fact, most of the fingers were being pointed directly at our Republican elected officials.

For good reason, many Republicans were really bent out of shape watching our own elected officials spend tax dollars just like the out of control Democrats like to do.

Then it happened.

February 13, 2007- the day that the rejuvenation of Wisconsin’s Republican party began.

Governor Doyle released his budget on this day and the “surge” began.

After seeing the massive tax increases and the huge expansion of government programs, the Republicans found a reason to stand up and fight.

Republicans realized that they have a job to do. It became the clear that it was the responsibility of conservatives to protect the people of Wisconsin from their very own government. Not only is it important for conservatives to fight against an over-taxing government, but to also protect us from an over-reaching government.

After reviewing the governor’s budget, the Senate Democrats carried the over-sight of government even further. The Senate Democrats are now attempting to seize our heath care plans and let government control our lives.

Feeling inspired by the Democrats plans, the conservatives in the took up the gauntlet and are fighting back.

This past week, the Assembly Republicans took a stand against the Senate Democrats plan to expand government and the Governor’s plan to increase taxes beyond what Wisconsinites can afford.

Yes, the buzz is back for Republicans in Wisconsin and we have the Democrats to thank for this.

The Democrats could have just played it cool for a little while and the Republicans would have continued to wallow in their self-pity. Instead of letting Republicans wallow, the Democrats decided they would launch themselves into a tremendous power grab. They may have over-reached.
The fight to stop the Democrats in Wisconsin has just begun. Now the Republicans are excited, determined and truly motivated to protect Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

The buzz is right -- they're definitely smoking something. I'm a Republican but I'm not a blind sheep following this crowd. This budget is so irresponsible (especially if you are someone who supports the police and fire depts. in Milwaukee), you would have to totally ignore the facts to support it. This is not a good buzz...and it won't last when conservatives start really looking at the cuts.

condiforprez said...

I'm not buzzed - I'm HIGH! I am so high right now I'm walking on CLOUD 9! I can't believe the Republican Assembly passed a budget with NO TAX INCREASES!!!

If I'm a blind sheep following the crowd all I have to say is BAAAH! BAAAH!

Any budget that has no tax increases is a responsible budget. If it were up to me I'd CUT THE BUDGET!

Of course anonymous says that police and fire are getting cut, that's what they always say. He/she forgot to include the schools getting cut to go along with the typical democratic mantra.

In my opinion, any tax cut is a good tax cut, no matter how deep. If you cut someone's budget they will find the "fat" and get rid of it. If you continue to feed the hogs, they will continue to come to the trough.

Anonymous said...

If no government is good government, then you must HATE Bush, Condi and the smart-spending conservatives who are increasing the federal government with certain plans that promote growth, public safety, etc. C' have to admit that Condi has spoken out against narrow-minded, no-government conservatism for quite a while now.

Jack Lohman said...

If it's tax cuts you want, the Healthy Wisconsin project in the senate budget will return $500 million to the taxpayers because of the savings in health care costs the state experiences. Plus expand health care to virtually every Wisconsinite in the process. Not good enough? Compare the projected budget deficits:

Gov -- $669 million
JFC -- $688 million
Senate -- $728 million
Assembly – $873 million

Anonymous said...

You are on crack Jack.

The intitial analysis is very much understated and they Dem's know it.

That is why they gave the board padding to raise the taxes higher without legislative action.

Not to mention that we could save money by putting state employees on HSA's and having them pay more of their premiums.

Healthy Wisconsin is deadly to health care in Wisconsin.

Go peddle your tripe somewhere else.

Matt R said...

If you think Republicans are giddy, perhaps you should meet some democrats. The governor proposes a (I'll say it) tax increase on oil companies. The Republicans try and kill it.

The price of gas went up thirty cents yesterday. Can't wait to see who oil industry lobbyists contributed to last month.

The Republicans kill a hospital (I'll say it) tax, thereby threatening millions of federal revenue. Yeah, I think the people of Wisconsin are looking to help health care providers (not as much as oil companies, but if last November's election proved anything its that the momentum is to corporate interests).

Its interesting that you chose the word surge to describe what is occurring in the state. Seems right on the money. Republicans love surges.

Wisconsinites don't.

So you can have your buzz, as long as you have no power. The Republicans have one little branch of power left, and yipee, there's a buzz.

And... now its over.

The thing about buzzes is they come from bees. And the Republicans bees have stung. But when the bee stings, it then dies.
There are more elections coming, and if Republicans keep selling out to their special contributors, if they act for oil companies and road builders rather than say, oh perhaps citizens, well, even you can see how that ends.

Enjoy the surge.

K. Carpenter said...

Clearly- their are some angry liberals here.

Real angry.

Jack Lohman said...

Oh, so the Republicans DID leave room for a tax increase? Interesting.

I am as against the tax increases as anybody. I'd rather see a decrease in spending. But the deficit built under the GOP/Tommy giveaways of the past and Doyle, whom I do not support, is haplessly trying to correct for them. And while the "I've got mine" crowd thumbs its nose at the uninsured and the insurancy industry ripoffs, I see Healthy Wisconsin as a massive savings for the state.

condiforprez said...


Where in my post did I say "If no government is good government,"

Government should be small and for the people not in spite of the people.

And no, I don't hate Bush, Condi and the smart-spending conservatives. While I may not agree with everything they say or do, I support them.

Just like a Dim-o-cRAT. Read something and twist it around to fit your own socialistic ways.

Matt R said...

"Clearly there are some angry liberals out there".

Huh? We're not angry mom, we're just dancing.

Enjoy the surge.