Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eugene Kane continues to ignore McGee's victims.

I have pretty much stayed out of the debate on Eugene Kane's blind defense of Michael McGee.

It is much easier to completely ignore Eugene Kane's columns altogether. Quite frankly, Kane's continued defense of thuggery, has made it very easy to ignore him.

The title of today's Kane column has once again sucked me back in.

McGee bail is game of bait and switch

Of course, Eugene Kane is once again implying that Michael McGee Jr. is the victim.

Kane is working so hard to defend McGee that some of the stuff he is saying is no longer making sense-

Apparently, McGee's tendency to flout the rules of the court even behind bars convinced Randa he wouldn't follow instructions not to contact possible witnesses. The end result - McGee behind bars for the foreseeable future - served as stunning confirmation for McGee supporters that when some people talk about "justice," what they mean is "just us."

Well, duh! Of course McGee's reputation for ignoring court rules is exactly the reason McGee cannot be trusted to follow the rules!

Is the judge supposed to completely ignore McGee's past and present behavior when making a decision on bail?

Are you kidding me?

It it exactly the duty and responsibility of a judge to consider past and present behavior when making a decision on releasing someone on bail!

A judge must consider the rights of the victims, the rights of the potential witnesses, and the rights of the community and their safety. McGee's rights are not the only ones to consider.

Perhaps someone should tell Eugene Kane that there appears to be a trail of victims scattered all over the 6th district of Milwaukee.

Apparently, the victims and their rights mean nothing to Eugene Kane. In fact, the rest of Milwaukee's 6th district mean nothing to Eugene Kane.

If they did, Kane would at least give the victims and the 6th district community a bit of consideration before whining about McGee's rights.

Has Kane even bothered to consider how the victims of the 6th district might feel about the his constant defense of McGee's actions?

Kane certainly seems to care about McGee's followers. That is okay. But has Kane ever once stopped and thought about how the victims must feel?

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Real Debate said...

Nice comments Kathy.

I started and stopped writing about this 5 times already.

The complete contempt shown by Kane towards the people of Milwaukee never ceases to amaze.

Ask yourself this. Had this been a white politician shaking down black business owners for money, threatening black business owners from behind bars would Eugene Kane be playing this the same way?

Kane would be screaming from the rooftops for the head of that white politician on a silver platter.

How the Milwaukee paper continues to employ that racist columnist is beyond me.