Friday, July 27, 2007

An honest debate

I am becoming increasingly more frustrated with the Healthy Wisconsin. Getting a straight answer is becoming increasingly difficult.

I, like everyone else, listened to the taunting from the liberal side of the aisle, on the new poll that came out. According to the Senate Democrats and Senator Erpenbach in particular- everybody loves healthy Wisconsin.

Well, apparently, the poll was anything but accurate. As it turns out, the poll was taken two weeks before any details had been released about Healthy Wisconsin.

Two weeks!

The results of the poll are not an accurate assessment of the Democrats Health Wisconsin plan.

This little tidbit of information was released yesterday on Mark Belling’s show, with Kevin Fischer hosting.

There just is not any single way to take an accurate poll when all of the details are not given the i
After hearing Kevin Fischer on the air yesterday, Senator Erpenbach took great offense to his poll being called a lie. The Senator called the show and proceeded to defend his poll numbers.

It was during the Senator’s rant that I realized that the Senate Democrats would do anything and say anything for Healthy Wisconsin. On several occasions, Senator Erpenbach insisted that the Healthy Wisconsin would lower health care costs.

However, a little more than a week ago, the Senator looked me in the eyes and stated that this plan will not lower health care costs at all. He was hoping it would just slow down the increases to Wisconsin health care systems.

I have my own issues with this poll. In fact, I am not even sure it is possible to take an accurate poll on the Healthy Wisconsin proposal.

One of the most basic questions that Senate Democrats cannot answer is –“How much will this cost me?”

The Senate democrats do not know how much this will cost you because they have not yet defined “gainfully employed.”

Senate democrats cannot tell us if “gainfully employed” means full time or part time.

Folks we have no idea what it will cost us, individually, for this plan.

What if, the definition for “gainfully employed” turns out to mean any person working full time(30 hours a week)?

Does that mean that every single person that is employed, but working only 29 hours a week will not have to pay into the system? How about their employer?
What if your employer, in order to sidestep healthcare costs, cuts everyone’s hours to 29 hours a week?

There are so many “what ifs” that it is impossible to keep up with all. However- all of the questions need to be answered before shoving a health care system down our throats.

I think that it is only fair that we find out exactly how much this plan will cost each and every one of us, before a decision is made to move forwar.

Senator Erpenbach and Senate Democrats- you guys are the ones who insisted on having the health care debate right now.

However- we are now being entertained into believing that everyone loves the Healthy Wisconsin. However, not it is being discovered that the polling results were inaccurate. Worse yet, it may be impossible to accurate numbers until every single detail is worked out. Until we can define who is going to pay for this and how much will they pay, this is all a guessing game

It is actually impossible to know exactly how Healthy Wisconsin, if enacted, will affect us after the first year alone.

What we do know is the Senate Democrats demanded this debate. However, when some of their talking points are challenged, they react exactly as Senator Erpenbach did yesterday. One week we hear that health care costs will continue to rise, but the next week, we hear that Healthy Wisconsin will lower health care costs.

Wisconsin deserves a honest debate on health care.

Senate Democrats- you wanted this debate- let us keep it honest. This poll was not an honest reflection of Healthy Wisconsin.

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