Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You know you are having a bad day when...

You know you are having a bad day when...

You realize that even your lawyer, that you pay top dollar for, does not want to be seen with you-

At his news conference yesterday, Milwaukee Ald. Michael Mcgee slammed the city attorney's office ("They never gave me any advice, they never helped me out" for not taking his side in the recall hearings.

Of course, the city attorney's office is the attorney for the Election Commission, not for either of the parties appearing before it. In this case, McGee and recall organizer ViAnna Jordan.

In any case, McGee had his own attorney, Mike Maistelman, who he singled out at the news conference as "an angel of mercy" and "one of the only white individuals who stepped up."Maistelman represented McGee in his recall challenge.

On Monday, McGee dropped that effort and said he was not focused on the April 3 recall.

Maistelman spoke briefly, but appeared to bristle at many of the comments made by McGee and others. At various points, he physically stepped back -- out of camera range.

After the news conference was over, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett - who others had labeled a "puppetmaster" of the recall - happened to be leaving the building.

In the rotunda, a McGee supporter with a video camera began questioning a surprised Barrett. Maistelman then stepped in, urged Barrett to leave and walked out of the building with him.

Audio of the news conference, in which various supporters backed McGee, is available here.

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