Monday, February 19, 2007


Okay, this falls under the title of "Duh, no kidding".

Advertising and media images that encourage girls to focus on looks and sexuality are harmful to their emotional and physical health, a new report by the American Psychological Association says.

So, exactly how many of these studies do we need to tell us the same exact thing?

Apparently, even the APA recognized how many of these studies that have been done. Only their study is different, see...

Individual studies have found problems related to eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression, but Roberts says there hasn't been a body of work that illustrates how these problems are "directly linked" to sexualized images in ads and popular media. The group recommends more research on girls since the bulk of the studies reviewed dealt with teens and young women.

By the way- the APA's advice for countering these images...

The task force urges parents, school personnel and health care professionals to counter sexualization with images of girls in settings that are not viewed as sexual.

Another big "DUH" for that piece of advice.

Parents, I have some more advice for you. Turn off your kid's television. That would be a start.

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