Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kinda makes you sick, huh?

At the time the sick leave perk for legislatures was discovered, I really was not too concerned about it.

No legislature or state official had made a claim to actually collect from this benefit. I figured that legislatures could just write something simple and do away with the sick leave.

However, what has been discovered in the last several days is that some folks do not want to do away with this ridiculous benefit.

As it turns out, the Democrats, seem to be having a hard time with letting go of this excessive perk.

In the State Assembly, a Democrat blocked the measure from being voted on this week.

The State Senate, now controlled by Democrats, say the issue is dead.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel give the Democrats in the legislature an earful in today's editorial-

Democrats in the Legislature had a terrific opportunity this week to show that, despite what their critics sometimes say, they are more concerned about protecting taxpayers than protecting government excesses, such as the sick leave perk for elected officials.

This was a simple issue that could have quickly been fixed. It was an old perk, set up by a past legislature, many years ago.

There is absolutely no reason this should have become an issue. Because the Democrats are dragging their heels, this has now become a giant issue!

To the Democrats in our state government- FIX THIS NOW!

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