Friday, February 16, 2007

Doyle's Excuses for Tax Increases are not good enough

For several days now, we have all been discussing the outrageous tax increases that the Governor intends to impose on Wisconsin taxpayers.

In fact, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board is backing the tax increase position on this outrageous budget.

The governor and Legislature must work together to arrive at equitable funding for necessary programs. They should operate under the basic assumption that Wisconsin must not slide or remain static in providing services, the need for which will only increase in the future.

The problem is that the Governor has to show that there is a need for these tax increases. Are these increases necessary, as MJS is stating?

They may be necessary. So far, the Governor has yet to show that there is a need for increasing taxes on any programs.

Let us take health insurance, for example. Most Wisconsinites have health insurance. The Governor has to explain to Wisconsinites why it is important for us to not only pay our own health care insurance, but we also have to buy health insurance for all those in Wisconsin that do not have health insurance.

As it is, the taxpayer’s already pay a fistful of tax dollars for Badger Care. Those of us with insurance already pay a fistful of extra money to pay for those folks walking into doctor’s offices and hospitals that do not have their own insurance. Still, to top it all off, we pay taxes to the Federal Government for all kinds of health care costs for the uninsured.

Wisconsinites, are yet again, put under an incredible amount of pressure to pay even more money out of their pockets for the uninsured.

Right at this moment, taxpayers are already paying for Badger Care, increased insurance costs, increased doctor and hospital bills, and federal taxes to help those less fortunate.

Why are we being asked to pay even more money?

The Governor needs to explain why he needs even more to pay for things that we are already paid for.

So far, we have gotten two standards excuses for the proposed tax increases.

The first standard excuse we have gotten is- “so we can collect extra federal dollars”.

Therefore, the Governor wants to charge us more taxes so he can get his hands on more of our tax dollars that we pay to the federal government.

All of these tax dollars, whether federal or state taxes, are all still coming from the same pockets- yours and mine.

The second standard excuse we have gotten from the Governor as to why he wants to charge us more in taxes is- “It’s for the children.”

When Democrats are backed into a corner on such issues as excess taxes, this is always one of their standard answers- “It’s for the children”.

If anyone ever dares to question this answer, then these folks are accused of not caring about the children.

Well, Governor, we have already paid for the children.

Taxpayer’s already pay for Badger Care, increased insurance costs, increased doctor and hospital bills, and federal taxes.

Now, if for some reason, our taxes are not helping the children and families with their health care costs, blame the Governor.

Currently, the Governor is blaming the taxpayers and punishing them for the failures in the Wisconsin health care system.

We, as taxpayers, have already paid our fair share.

When any governor decides that tax increases are necessary, they owe the public a clear message as to why these increases are necessary.

This time, Governor Doyle’s cheesy answer of “it’s for the children”, just is not good enough.

Wisconsin taxpayer should not stand for this any longer. Government’s failure should never be used as an excuse to raise our taxes.

Call your state legislators, both Democrat and Republican, and demand accountability for these unnecessary tax increases.


Kate said...

And to think, the folks down here (TN) are complaining that the governor (also a Dem, by the way) wants to raise the taxes on smokes from 20 cents to 60. :)

Mpeterson said...

Well, one of the reasons is that we've cut taxes on the rich and now the rest of us in the under 80% category have to pick up the slack. What's a matter? Since you don't like tax cuts on the rich you can't complain when you're saddled with making up the difference. We still need to fund some form of welfare so that people don't starve and something like an educational system so that the next generation of workers will be able to fill in those high tech jobs the Bush Administration hasn't allowed to go overseas.... but don't worry. There are a lot of people who think we should cut funding to MPS. That'll probably save you some dough in taxes for education, even if they go up for prison maintainence.... --golly, this tax business sure is complicated.