Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's irresponsible journalism

Frankly, I was stunned by the irresponsible piece of journalism in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning.

"A Do-Over on the War"

A “do-over”? How childish is this? “Do-overs” are for children.

Seriously- I think I was in grade school the last time I heard the words “do-over”. Typically, the team that is calling for a “do-over” believes they have no chance of winning. Therefore, the losing team wants to reset the game board and start over again.

At least the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognizes that the Democrats new Iraqi War proposal is a joke.

Instead- the MJS demands the funding for American troops be cut off without addressing the consequences.

Apparently, the Iraq war is just that simple to the MJS editorial board. Just cut the war funds and just be done with the war altogether.

Democrats are calling for a “do-over”. They have decided that they want to re-vote on the Iraqi War resolution.

Isn’t it a little late for that now?

At least the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff does not believe that the Democrats "do-over" will actually do anything.

This is no childhood game that is taking place in Iraq. This is real life.

We have real America soldiers fighting in Iraq. Real blood is being shed in Iraq. Real people are dying in Iraq.

The MJS editorial staff is even going so far as to demand that Congress cut off the war funds.

It would have been nice if the MJS had bothered to address the consequences for cutting of the war funds.

Most of us adults realize that all actions have consequences.

What would happen if the war funds were cut?

Here is a small list of things that will be destroyed if the Democrat de-funded the war:

The soldiers out in the field today would not receive replacement supplies.

No replacement soldiers would be on their way.

There would be no money for training Iraqi military.

There would be no money for training Iraqi police and fire fighters.

There would be no money for schools, roads, electricity or water.

There would be no money to fight Al Queda and any other terrorist groups in Iraq.

The warring factions in their country would rip the Iraqi people apart.

Iran would probably over-run Iraq, creating a terrorist nation.

Did the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial staff think about any of these things before they wrote this editorial calling for cuts in war funding?

For that matter, do the Democrats have any idea how childish they look by asking for a “do-over” on the Iraqi War resolution?

The Democrats did not like their first vote on the Iraq war, so now they want a do-over.

Good grief!

This is no time for flip and cutesy editorials from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the Democrats.

This is a serious time that should involve serious people who completely understand what is at stake in Iraq.

There are no do-overs when it comes to war. You either win or you lose.

Thank goodness we have 18 year olds fighting this war that are showing themselves to be more responsible than the Democrats and the MJS editorial board.

Can you imagine what would happen to any one of them if the stood up in the middle of a firefight and exclaimed “DO_OVER!”?

It is time for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Democrats to behave like big boys and girls and come up with real solutions to the real problems in Iraq. Standing up and exclaiming “Do OVER” does not fix a single problem that we are facing. Simply cutting off the war funds without facing the real problems in Iraq does nothing to move America forward in Iraq.

Really- a “do-over”?

Good grief- grow up people!

We are fighting a real war, with real guns and bullets!

If the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants to make the argument for cutting off the war funds, then they should go ahead and do it.

However, to only state that the Democrats should only cut off the war funds, without addressing the consequences is simply irresponsible journalism.


Russ said...

MJS editorial writers sit in their easy chairs in Milwaukee apparently believing THEY are totally insulated from the actions of Islamic terrorists. They then attempt to feed us this "dribble" that we can pull out of Iraq without consequences. Yeh right, the terrorists will take planting petunias when we leave. Al Qaeda desperatly needs a new safe haven to plan and execute a 9-11 encore, and Iraq is it. People of limited intellect can figure that out, but not the MJS op-ed writers. How can so called educated people be so gullable and downright stupid.
Concerning the Democrats in Congress they know we can't cut and run from Iraq. They are convinced however that if they succeed in totally discrediting Bush and the Republicans handling of the Iraq war they can win the White House in 08. Obviously their actions are encouraging the terrorists but they don't care. They care about one thing, winning in 08. That is way more important than national secuity.

Peter said...

The Democrats and their lefty pals at and the other lefty idiot blogs as well as the Drive By Media have way too much invested in an American defeat in the GWOT.

Shameful. Disgusting. Bordering on treason.