Sunday, February 11, 2007

Governor Doyle's new tax plan- just keep raising 'em taxes

You may want to sit down before reading this.

As you are sitting down, you may want to take your wallet out of your pocket and lay it on the table. Next, you need to remove your driver’s license, your social security card, and perhaps you health insurance card from your wallet.

Then take your wallet (including the credit cards and your debit cards), your checkbook, and your bankbook and place all of these things in a padded envelope.

After Saturday’s announcement by Governor Doyle, you can be sure the next thing you will be doing is mailing your padded envelopes directly to the governor’s office.

On Saturday, Governor Doyle announced that he would recommend that your property taxes would be increased.

After vetoing a property tax freeze on a couple of occasions, Governor Doyle created his own property tax freeze, a couple of years ago, by placing a 2% tax increase cap on county and local governments. Most local and county governments could override this by using the 2% plus adding regional growth to their taxes.

Here in Kenosha we actually had a tax increase of 3.3% on our property tax bill from our county government alone, because of growth.

There were a few problems with Governor Doyle’s so-called tax freeze. The first problem was that it only lasted for two years. This was long enough for Governor Doyle to make it thru his 2006 re-election bid.

The new tax cap that Governor Doyle is proposing is double what is was before.

Governor Doyle is raising the tax cap from 2% to 4% plus growth, whichever is greater.

That is not all, folks.

Governor Doyle wants to reward all county and local governments, who did not tax us as much as they possible could in 2006, can now add additional taxes onto this year’s tax bills to make up the difference.(and you thought you were done paying your property taxes for 2006)

Hang tight, that is still not all.

Governor Doyle also wants to eliminate the QEO. The QEO has been limiting the amount of taxes that school levies are costing us. The governor wants to eliminate this and give school boards across the state the ability to raise our taxes as high as they want to.

Bloggers, political pundits and conservative state legislatures all across Wisconsin promised us that this day was coming.

These folks warned us that the moment Governor Doyle was re-elected in 2006, he would start spending like a drunken sailor, and he would immediately raise property taxes. They were all correct in their assumptions.

I wonder if any of those folks that voted for Governor Jim Doyle in 2006, have buyer’s remorse yet.

Apparently being the sixth highest taxed state in the nation is not good enough for Governor Doyle. Governor Doyle is clearly shooting to be the number one highest taxed state in the nation.


Kate said...

Even though they tax food here in Tennessee, I still think we got the better of the deal, at least for now.

Can't anyone stop that man? He's destroying a beatiful state! You should see all the new industrial building going up around here. The difference is amazing!

GoalMonkey said...

Keep it up - I will join you. Check out "The Anti-Franken" on blogspot.

We can win this thing.