Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Press release from Alex Tiahnybok

My friend Alex is running for Pleasant Prairie Village President. Here is a little info on Alex...

February 13, 2007

Dear Friend,

February is nearly half over and it appears as though campaigns are actively getting underway here in Kenosha County. I trust that you are aware that I have decided to “roll-the-dice”, and risk my current seat on the Pleasant Prairie Village Board as Trustee in favor of effecting some real changes by running for Village President. I encourage you to review my website:
www.tiahnybok.us – hope you like what you see, and I am always willing to take any recommendation in making my message better and more reflective of what the people of Pleasant Prairie truly desire.

Last year the campaigns for Trustee #2 and #4 seats hit what are likely statewide records for combined spending for village races – the last Kenosha News report suggested something near $40,000 for direct candidate and political action committee spending. $40,000!

It is impossible to tell at the moment, but considering the over-the-top effort last year to preserve the incumbent lock on those 2 seats, it is not a big stretch to imagine that this might happen again this year. This is why I write to you today.
You may know that the Trustee seats have a ‘salary’ of $5000/year, and that the President is salaried at $12,000/yr. So, money is certainly not the motivator for me.

I am prepared to spend a significant amount of personal money to accomplish our goal, but out of responsibility to my family, I cannot independently chase the kind of spending that might occur this year on my own. It would be truly unfortunate if this opportunity was lost because those on the side of change were outspent by any self–serving, politically-fabricated special interest group that might surface to hijack this round of elections too. Preparation is the key.

I therefore ask for your financial support along with any other way in which you might be motivated to help. I believe Pleasant Prairie is at a crossroads of advancing from what used to be a town that could be run like a ‘town’ to a self-sufficient municipality of what planners believe could be 40,000 citizens. I am not opposed to solid, healthy residential and commercial growth, and believe the style and methods of the government today, is not what is needed to reach our goals for tomorrow. Please, join me in making that change occur!! Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Most sincerely,
Alexander Tiahnybok
Village Trustee #1

If you are interested in helping Alex, please visit his website http://www.tiahnybok.us/ and contact him.

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