Monday, February 19, 2007

Doyle/Dems budget- Did you know...

Even as Senator Robson(D) is promising broad support in the Wisconsin Senate for the new 07-09 budget, we get another glimpse at the wasteful spending out of Madison.

I have taken on the depressing task of actually reading the tax laden budget.

As the Democrats work on increasing our state taxes, here is you something all taxpayers should know:

Check out this budget for the Governor's Office:

In fiscal year ending in June of '06 the Governor's office spent:


They employed: 37.25 people

Projected costs for fiscal year ending in June of '07 the Governor's office will spend:


They employ: 37.25 people

The Governor's office will spend an additional $585,700 this year alone.

The Governor's office agency is requesting additional money for fiscal year's '08 and '09:

$4,087,800 for '08
$4,087,800 for '09

They will continue to employ: 37.25

Not to be outdone with additional spending, the Doyle/Dem budget is requesting even more money for '08 and '09 than the Governor's office agency is requesting:

$4,403,100 for '08
$4,403,100 for '09

They will increase the Governor's office employee to : 42.25

Basically, the Doyle/Dem budget will increase the amount of spending even higher that the Agency is requesting. The Agency did not even request new employees, but the Doyle/Dem budget will give them 4 additional employees anyway.

The proposed additional costs to taxpayers since the end of the '06 budget:


Does this look like the sound fiscal budget that we were promised out of Doyle and the Democrats?

I cannot believe that Governor Doyle and the Democrats are attempting to shove this garbage budget down our throats.

The Governor and the Democrats want an extra $2,244,400 from taxpayers for the Governor's office.

What are they planning on spending the additional $2,244,400 on?

New furniture?

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