Saturday, February 03, 2007

I see a pattern here...

Anyone paying attention to the Doyle's administration releasing of records, knows that there is some deception involved.

After this past election alone, Wisconsinites were treated to more Doyle deception. Suddenly Wisconsinites were treated to the knowledge that we are in a mountain of debt.

How many times, during this past election, did we hear Jim Doyle make the claim- "I balanced the budget"?

This particular instance of deceipt by the Doyle administration, took place back in 2004-

Two of Gov. Jim Doyle's appointees told a Department of Transportation attorney to delay the release of a politically damaging 2004 report - in apparent violation of the state open records law - the attorney testified Thursday.

Attorney Jim Thiel said he was told to not release the report until after he got a copy of a Department of Administration rebuttal that questioned the DOT's finding that state engineers cost 18% less than consultants. The conclusion that state employees cost less conflicted with Doyle's platform of trimming state jobs.


Clearly this is part of a pattern of deception brought to us by the Doyle administration.

The Doyle administration continues to try and convince people that they are really in favor of open and honest government, and yet, this type of practice continues to be their pattern.

Jim Doyle has been lying to Wisconsinites for years. For the next four years, Wisconsinites have will be treated to "more of the same" from Jim Doyle.

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