Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wisconsin Taxpayer Revolt- Join the revolution today!

Clearly, the Democrats are scared. On the front page of the Kenosha News today, we have the pleasure of reading about some of our local legislators reaction to the “Taxpayer Protection Amendment”.

From the Kenosha News April 25, 2006:

Local Democrats are bemoaning the prospects of a spending limit showdown in the final days of the current Legislative session, which is set to expire next month.

“I would love to meet if (Republicans) would like to meet on health care, job creation- kitchen table issues- as opposed to those other issues that they tend to be divided on,” said Assembly Minority Leader Jim Kreuser, D-Kenosha.

Sen. Robert Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie, said he believes Republicans should hold off on trying to rush an amendment through, if the GOP is confident it will capture the governor’s seat from Democrat Jim Doyle this fall. Doyle has vetoed past tax “freeze” proposals, prompting Republicans to turn to an amendment.

“I think they should listen to the voters in November instead of tinkering with the constitution,” Wirch said last week.

Yes, indeed the Democrats are scared to death that some form of a “TPA” will make it thru on Thursday. Apparently, the minority leader cannot even say the words- “taxpayer protection”. Instead he calls taxpayer protection, “those other issues”.

It really is not tough to say- “taxpayer protection”. Really, Representative Kreuser, just try saying these two little words together. I might actually have a little more respect for you, if you do. Until then, I have no respect for you at all.

Also, Representative Kreuser, you need to actually start talking to your constituents and find out what we are actually discussing around our kitchen tables. With tax day having just recently passed, you are fooling yourself if you actually believe that we did not have one or two serious conversations around the kitchen table about how to pay for our ever-increasing taxes. We also talk about the huge government waste of our hard earned taxpayer dollars, when we are sitting around our kitchen tables. Getting our government to control their horrifying spending habits is also something that we actually talk about at our kitchen tables. Guess what? We also discuss our own budgets and wonder why our very own state government cannot live on a budget. Instead that state government keeps increasing my taxes in order to pay for their own bad spending habits.

As for you, Senator Wirch- it would have been real nice if you and our governor had actually thought about us, the lowly taxpayers, before vetoing taxpayer protection three separate times. As we are all aware, the Democrats are having an absolute fit that we, the taxpayers, actually want to put our state legislators on a budget. Your hope is that if you stall long enough, perhaps the taxpayers in Wisconsin will just settle down and forget about all about our out of control state government and your bad spending habits. It's not going to happen!

Sorry Senator Wirch, but it is too late for that. We, the lowly taxpayers in Wisconsin have started our very own tax revolt. Senator Wirch- you have had 18 years in the legislator, which is plenty of time to get yourself and your friends in Madison under control. You and your buddies have done absolutely nothing to protect the Wisconsin taxpayer for way too long. Now, you are asking us to wait another few months??????

Why should we wait another few months? So we can sit thru another round of campaign promises that go completely unfulfilled?

Representative Kreuser and Senator Wirch- do you remember back in 2004 when you promised us “real” tax reform? You both promised us that you were working on a plan that would provide “real” tax relief for the Wisconsin taxpayer. You asked us to trust you and that you were working on a plan.

What happened to that campaign promises? Whatever happened to the “real” taxpayer relief that you promised us?

Was it all a lie, just so you would be re-elected? It sure looks that way. You two have done absolutely nothing to protect the taxpayers. You and our governor just continue to spend and spend and spend, and completely ignore us.

Well, not anymore. As taxpayers, we have had enough. You days of broken campaign promises are over. The taxpayers of Wisconsin are looking for something better. We want our government to work for us, instead of us working for them.

The Wisconsin Taxpayer Revolution has begun!


Anonymous said...

Long live the revolution

BBG said...

once again the "stuck on stupid" voters believe the so called fisical conservatives. BTW that conservate label would be in their (Kreuser, Steinbrink and Wirch's) minds only. surely NOT by votes and deeds.

condiforprez said...

Taxpayers of Wisconsin UNITE!

NavyChief said...

I think its time both sides quit point fingers so we can concentrate on rolling up our sleves and fixing problems we all helped to create.

NavyChief said...

I think it's time both sides quit pointing fingers so that we can roll up our sleves and fix the problems that we all helped create!

Navy Chief

BBG said...

although it is true the local elected are a problem in fixing the tax burden inthis state the really sad part is the so called Republicans that have the majority in Madison are so full of themselves they can't get a good TPA on paper much less passed. Lack of leadership is a real problem with the majority leader running for Congress rather than leading. In the Senate we have a guy called leader but is really a Democrat. Time for a revolution??

BBG said...

NAVY CHIEF is correct. Time to roll up our sleves and point out to them fix the problem or point them the way to the door.