Friday, April 14, 2006

It feels good to laugh!

In the world of politics, sometimes you just need a good laugh. Ways to often, activists, like me, get caught up in the melody drama in the political world. The political world is can be very harsh and unrelenting at times. It is refreshing when a politician comes along and cracks a good joke. A good joke can lift any activist’s spirits.
That happened this week. I was discouraged and frustrated with the political world. I was getting steamed as I read this article about Governor Doyle using state workers to put together spreadsheets about the governor’s “good deeds”. Of course, when Republicans are accused of using state workers during their campaigns, they end up in court. But if a Democrat does the same thing, apparently it is perfectly appropriate. I was getting more and more upset until I read Congressman Mark Green’s response:

Green said he would "leave it to others" to decide if the practice was inappropriate but added that he doubted Doyle's aides would find much to trumpet.
"I'll just say that I find it amusing that he has to send out a search party to find accomplishments," he said.

Ha! Ha! Snort! Snort! Now that was funny Congressman Green! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!

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