Saturday, April 22, 2006

CIA leaker found and fired

We have been hearing for the last 24 hours that the CIA leaker, who gave the Washington Post the CIA black prison story, has admitted that they leaked classified information to the Washington Post. This admission of guilt lead to the leaker being fired by CIA director Porter Goss.

The new twist on the story today is that the name of the CIA officer, who leaked the classified material, has now been discovered. The AP is reporting that the CIA officer's name is Mary McCarthy.

The officer was a senior analyst nearing retirement, Mary McCarthy, The Associated Press learned. Reached Friday evening at home, her husband would not confirm her firing.

Who is Mary McCarthy? Well, of course, she is a DEMOCRAT! The New York Times is reporting that she gave $2000 to the Kerry campaign.

Public records show that Ms. McCarthy contributed $2,000 in 2004 to the presidential campaign of John Kerry, the Democratic nominee.

After doing a Newsmeat search on Ms. McCarthy, you can see that she gave a sizable amount of money to the Democrats in order to defeat George Bush in 2004.

1. She gave $2000 to John Kerry's campaign on 03/14/2004
2. She gave $5000 to the Ohio Democratic Party on 10/05/2004
3. She gave $500 to the Democratic National Committee on 10/29/2004

Clearly, McCarthy had a political axe to grind when she decided to leak classified information to the Washington Post. Don't you just love it when Democrats put politics above national security?


BBG said...

I hope she does not get to suck off the taxpayers dollar and loses what ever government benefits she thought she had comeing. After all she will now make millions writing a book.

Phelony Jones said...

Karen thanks for the link - I had totally forgotten to check Real Clear Politics!